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User Enhancement Solutions

The suite of bespoke dashboards and models available from Asperitas are designed to enrich the user experience, providing efficiencies in execution of common tasks and analyses across all user groups, together with facilitating an enhanced level of control for the group finance user and administrator.

Their configuration facilitate easy deployment and provide quick wins for existing OneStream customers on the road to maximising efficiencies across your OneStream platform.

HomePage Builder

Elevate your OneStream application to the next level with a fully customisable homepage that matches your organisations branding, and centralises all workflow process and dashboard tools

Workflow Submission Status

Provides overview of overall Progress made within Submission Process, using combination of the key progress measures - WF Task Status, WF Step Status, Form Completion status and Confirmation Rule Status

Journals Analysis

Enables Group to see all journals posted across all workflows, with audit details, together with all lines of each journal. In addition, provides ability to create ad-hoc analysis on any data created through journals

Central Import

Enables the central import of data which includes multiple entities via an admin workflow.  Data is then pushed to the relevant entities import workflow step, either automatically on central import or controlled via a dashboard.

System Admin Toolkit

Enables administrators to trace changes to application, including data entry audit (Forms and Journals), and artifact audit (such as Cube Views, Rules, Dashboards)

Confirmation Rule Helper

Enables users to review confirmation rule breaks and to clear each break directly within the one dashboard, meaning they don’t need to go back to each detailed workflow step to input the data

Exchange Rates

Provides admin or power user the ability to input rates, all users to review rates, and admins to seed rates across different rate types

Dynamic FX Simulation

Enables Group to run FX simulation modelling, using constant currency and input FX rate simulation, to selected scenario data to facilitate better analysis of the FX impact on underlying data

Intercompany Matching Analysis

Enables Group to analyse the IC Mismatching process through plug accounts, sorting mismatches by materiality enabling identification of issues and enhancing control of intercompany 

IFRS16 Lease Accounting model

Contains a central lease register enabling automatic calculation of lease payment and amortisation schedules from the contract information and the generation and posting of all lease journals

Primary Statement Analysis

Provides users ability to run multiple combinations of versions of the same primary statement reports, for example the Balance Sheet across entities, time, data audit, variance analysis

Base Data Drilldown

Direct drill-through from any Cube View data cell to see all underlying base data that has come via Import, Forms or Journals including audit history

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