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Elevate your OneStream application to the next level with a fully customisable homepage that matches your organisations branding, and centralises all workflow process and dashboard tools.


With HomePage Builder you can:

  • Set a homepage that’s personalized with your organizations branding such as logo, colors and background image

  • Build menus and sub-menus around your processes to easily navigate to workflows or dashboards within the application

  • Create Quick Links to take you to commonly used dashboards

  • Enable security on menus/quick links to only show accessible options

  • Use the integrated KPI module to view up to 8 KPI’s

  • KPIs can be personalized by user

  • Drill into the KPI to see underlying data and trends

OneStream Approved

HomePage Builder can be found within PartnerPlace on OneStream SolutionExchange. 


For how-to videos to install and configure the HomePage Builder click here

HomePage Builder

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